JITC will adopt your challenges as my own. Computing since 1983, I will be absolute in finding the best solution for your business. I help my clients solve complex business problems involving strategy, procurement, design, delivery and assurance of technology solutions.

JITC will bring my computing passion, real world experience, programming and technology skills completing the most challenging and high profile technology projects.

My services include, but not exhausted to;

  • Information Management
    Storage architectures, Portals & Content delivery & Documents and Record Management.
  • Project Management & Delivery
    Develope IT Change management processes and programme, from identification through to successful execution.
  • Digital Delivery
    Right now, you’re using our bespoke Content Management Solution for Mobile & Web, optimised for content delivery and social and business integration.
  • Technical Architecture
    With in-depth expertise across many industries, I analysis your business to provide an IT strategy and capability, where the leading-edge technology change is welcomed.
  • Digital Communications
    Procuring and directly supporting your telephony requirements,  Email strategy,  mail flow (filtering) and archive management solutions using the latest technologies.
  • Cyber Security
    Failing to manage your cyber security means greater regulatory and litigation risk, irrespective of whether the cybersecurity posture adopted will be effective in defending against cyberattacks. Non-compliance with cybersecurity norms are likely to damage the corporation’s reputation in the marketplace and with customers, suppliers, and other business partners. JITC can assist you in achieving the UK Cyber Essentials and ISO 27000 programmes. 
  • Application and Technical support
    With many demands and constant changes to working solutions, we ensure the response required is provided to you with effective support.
  • Cryptocurrencies and Encryption
    Specialist in Cryptocurrencies, from mining to trading exchanges, from Bitcoin to Altcoins we can help your business be successful and secure using the latest encryption technologies. 
  • Technology Consultant.
    Wide experience in latest technologies, from local networks to smart homes, with a background in telecommunication engineering and electronic automation. 

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